The Bamboo, Our Best Ally

With overconsumption and dwindling resources, it's reassuring to know that you can count on powerful allies to counter this. I'm not talking here about recycling, responsible ecological borrowing or even self-sufficiency. I dedicate this blog post to bamboo, a favorite plant here at Rustik.


Treasure from Mother Earth

Present in our lives for several centuries, we hardly discover its full potential. Indeed, this plant, a great producer of oxygen, has the most beneficial properties for the environment. This wonder grows at record speed in addition to needing no fertilizers, pesticides or even water. It spreads widely over large environments. This makes this plant the major asset for ecofriendly companies in order to manufacture beautiful alternative products to major polluters.


Bamboo Friendly

Bamboo, thank you

As said above, this ally does not only serve as food for the great Pandas of China. It allows us to re-invent the objects we use every day while being eco-responsible and concerned about the environment. Products such as bathroom essentials, kitchen items, and fashion accessories. The freshness and scent of bamboo allows you to have the soothing scent of nature at home.

To conclude, bamboo is a very fast growing, renewable and easy-to-grow resource. It is an extremely versatile material with countless uses including construction, clothes, food and fuel.
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