Environmental Benefits of Bamboo Products

We at Rustik have a variety of bamboo products in our collection like our classic Bamboo Handmade Watch and our famous Bamboo Wireless Radio&Speaker. Our customers surely seem to love them. But what exactly makes a bamboo product so special? Is it the fact that it is so environmentally sustainable or that bamboo items offer great quality and durability? Well, it's both!

Bamboo Handmade Watch


In this article, we will be looking at some of the benefits that bamboo products have on the environment.


  • Bamboo trees are able to absorb 2 times more carbon dioxide than the ordinary kind of trees and are an excellent carbon sink.


  • Bamboo can help prevent landslides and excessive floodings since these plants have very strong roots which can help hold the soil in place and increase stability.


  • Bamboo can help balance the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is very important to maintain healthy environmental conditions. In fact, a grove of bamboo releases at least 35% more oxygen than an equal number of other types of trees. This also makes bamboo plantation an ideal way of reducing your carbon footprint and reducing the disastrous effects of global warming.


All of this makes products that are made of bamboo very eco-friendly!

 Bamboo Trees Photo


Apart from providing bamboo products, we also offer products made from recycled wood. Using recycled wood comes with a variety of benefits that include making quality use of wood waste that could have otherwise resulted in fires and also preventing any excessive cutting down of trees. You can find wood based items for example wooden spoons and cleaning brushes in our kitchen essentials.


So if you are an eco-friendly warrior you should definitely consider buying our well loved bamboo and wooden products like the Bamboo Handmade Watch and Bamboo Wireless Radio&Speaker we talked about in the beginning!




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