Changing your lifestyle and protecting the planet, while also enjoying the great outdoors is extremely important. Here at Rustik, we are promoting the Chalet Lifestyle, which has a lot of focus on the outdoors, enjoying the moment and protecting the environment. We are a group of friends that were communicating about ways to protect the environment and figuring out responsible methods to do that adequately and also encourage other people to follow the same path.

 Rustik was established soon after that, in 2017, with the idea of providing customers with eco-friendly products. We believe it’s imperative to take good care of the environment and protect yourself. With our unique assistance and support, you can finally do that.

 Rustik is your primary destination for interior decoration products made out of wood and which are very ecological. We bring you the best decorative items that will take your chalet or home to the next level. Buy some of the coolest and most creative items to decorate your home, while also saving the planet. This is the right time to make changes to the way you optimize and customize your home, while also protecting the environment. If you want some of the most incredible wooden products, jewelry pieces, home essentials or clothing, try out Rustik today and you will be incredibly impressed with the results!


Rustik Team About

We donate some of our proceeds to save the planet

One of the most important things for us here at Rustik is to ensure that we do everything we can in order to protect the environment. That’s why for each wooden item we sell, we are planting a tree, and we have multiple municipalities onboard to help with that.

In addition, we are very passionate about animals and protecting them. That’s why another percentage of our sales is offered to the WWF. This is the world’s most powerful organization that helps save animals and keep them safe. It’s important for us to ensure that many endangered animals still get to live happily on our planet, and we are doing our part to help


We are eco-friendly

Each one of our products is made from ecologic, natural, organic material. We work hard to ensure that there’s less pollution on our planet. We also want to ensure that results are always second to none.

Protecting our customers

It’s imperative for us to deliver the ultimate customer satisfaction. That’s why we are offering non stop support and assistance to every customer. We are fully committed to quality and excellence, and we are available to solve any issues that might arise. In case you have any questions or inquiries, our team is always happy to help, just contact us today!

How To Support Us?

To support who we are and to be part of it, to help us find more solutions, simply purchase one of our Eco Products with our Original Logo on it.
You can also make any donations by clicking here